Welcome to Ages 25 & Upaedia

Welcome to a site that desperately tries to make sense of the G.I. Joe-based online comic Ages 25 & Up. Information and sarcasm abound.


Current A25U logo. It looks 'Shopped; note the pixels.

You call this a Main Page?

Alright, fine, there's nothing here yet. Just you wait.

What the hell is this place?

This is a wiki all about the Ages 25 & Up online comic. Didn't you read the "Welcome" section?

Dumbass, you spelled the friggin' title wrong. It's "-pedia," not "-paedia."

I'm Canadian. I'm using the proper spelling of "encyclopaedia." Deal with it.

Fine, whatever. Where's all the content?

Look, I'm working on it, okay?

Latest activity

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